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Resources for some courses (in alphabetical order)

Circuit Analysis I
Circuits Laboratory 
Communication via E-Media
Culture and Social Change
Digital Systems I (S. Fadıl)
Digital Systems II (S. Fadıl)
Electrical Machinery
Electromagnetics I (S. Fadıl)
Electromagnetics II (S. Fadıl)
Electronics I
Electronics II
Electronics Laboratory
Elektrik-Elektronik Bilgisi
Elektrikli Cer Sistemleri
Enerji Sistemleri Güvenilirlik Modellemesi I (S. Fadıl)
Engineering Ethics
Expository Writing
Expository Writing (Nurcan Parlakyıldız)
Fundamentals of Electronics (HHE)
High Voltage Techniques
Illumination and Inner Electrical Installations (S. Fadıl)
Introduction to Electrical Engineering I
Introduction to Electrical Engineering II
Introduction to Microcomputers (S. Fadıl)
Microcontrollers (S. Fadıl)
Numerical Methods (S. Fadıl)
Power Electronics (B. Tamyürek)
Power Systems Analysis I (S. Fadıl)
Power Systems Analysis I (B. Tamyürek)
Power Systems Analysis II (B. Tamyürek)
Principles of Energy Conversion (S. Fadıl)
Principles of Energy Conversion (H. H. Erkaya)
Probability (S. Fadıl)
Raylı Sistemler Anabilim Dalı
Raylı Sistemlerin Temelleri
Raylı Sistemlerde Elektrifikasyon
Science and Society
Semiconductor Devices
Semiconductor Power Devices
Semiconductor Solar Cells
Technical Writing
The Engineer and Society

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