Eskižehir Osmangazi University
Electrical Electronics Engineering Department

Welcome to the Electronics Laboratory

Updated: October 1, 2013

This is the elementary laboratory course on Electronics.  If you have not taken or if you are not taking Electronics I course, this course is not for you.  Please drop the course.

You must have registered to one of the five sessions.  You should come during the session time that you have registered.

There are 7 experiments.  You must do all of them.  Each experiment has a write-up which includes background information.  You must read and understand it before attempting to do the experiment.  The preliminary work must be done before coming to the laboratory.

Please study the laboratory practices:  Report Writing by Slutsky and Messaros.

You must keep a Laboratory Notebook for preliminary work and experimental work.  A square-ruled notebook of 60 pages may be sufficient. You shall write a lab report for each experiment as a group.

The experiments will  begin with the week of October 7, 2013.

Schedule of labs

Semiconductor Diodes and a Power Supply  (This may take two weeks to complete)

A Battery Charger
(Data sheets of some transistors: BC817, BC337, BD135-7-9)  (

BJT and BJT Biasing

Amplifiers with BJT

Wideband Amplifiers