Engineering Ethics

Tentative Course Outline
1. Introduction to Engineering Ethics
2. Professionalism and Codes of Ethics
3. Understanding Ethical Problems
4. Ethical Problem Solving Techniques   (alternate presentation)
5. Risk, Safety and Accidents   (alternate presentation)
6. The Rights and Responsibilites of Engineers
7. Ethical Issues in Engineering Practice
8. Doing the Right Thing

Textbook:  C. B. Fledderman, Engineering Ethics, 3rd Ed., Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2008

Some of the course material developed by Prof. Dr. Ayşen Müezzinoğlu will be included here.

A Brief History of Ethics (14 pages) (3 pages
Presentation: History of Ethics
Presentation: What is Ethics

History of Engineering

IEEE  Code of Ethics (1990)
Does the IEEE Code of Ethics meet today's needs? (2004)
IEEE  Code of Ethics (2006) (poster)
IEEE Code of Ethics (2006) ppt
Ethics Exercises
Ethics Questions and Answers (more exerceises)

Turkish Labor Law
Turkish Occupational Health and Work Safety Law

Updated: May 30, 2015