Semiconductor Power Devices

Spring 2011-2012

Mohan et al, Power Electronics: Converters, Applications, and Design, New York: Wiley (1st, 2nd or 3rd edition is fine.  Turkish translation is also available in bookstores.  Part six will be used).

Ghandhi, Semiconcutor Power Devices--Physics of Operation and Fabrication Technology, New York: Wiley 1977.

Week 1:  Introduction to semiconductors
Definition of a semiconductor, Columns III-IV-V of Periodic Table, Formation of Energy Bands, Carriers in Semiconcutors, Electon and Hole densities, Mass-action Law, Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconcutors, Doping in Semiconcuctors.

Week 2.  Transport in semiconcuctors
Currents in Semiconductors, Excess Carriers, Recombination of Excess Carriers, Continuity Equation
Formula sheet for semiconductor devices

Week 3.  Diodes
Ideal PN junction, depletion regions, current-voltage characteristics.
Lecture notes: PN Junction, Ideal PN Junction Diode,
Summary of weeks 1-3

Week 4. Reverse Biased Diode
Breakdown Voltage, Power Diode Structure
Breakdown voltage estimate in silicon
Lecture Notes: Weeks 4-5

Week 5. Forward Biased Diode
Conductivity Modulation, Diode Switching, Reverse Recovery, Schotky Diodes

Week 6  Midterm I  -- 23 Mart 2011  saat: 18:00 (sınav hakkında açıklamaSınav çözümü

Week 7. Bipolar Junction Transistor
Basic operation of low power BJT, Ideal BJT, Deviations from the ideal device, Power BJT structure.
Lecture Notes: Week 7
Low-power power BJT base and emitter contacts (top view)

Week 8.  Power BJT
Power BJT geometry, Monolithic Darlington connection, Quasi saturation, Turn-on waveforms, Turn-off waveforms, Darlington switching, Breakdown, On-state losses.
Lecture Notes: Week 8

Week 9. Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
Basic structure and operation of the low-power MOSFET, Additional concepts.
Lecture Notes: Week 9  Week 9 (in color)

Week 10. Power MOSFETs
Power MOSFET Structure, Breakdown voltage, Switching Characteristics, ON-State Losses, Parasitic BJT, Safe operating area
Lecture Notes: Week 10 

A brief summary from Wikipedia (a local pdf copy of it).

Here is a dissertation by Jong Mun Park: "Novel Power Devices for smart Applications," Technischen Universität Wien, 2004

Problems from the MOSFET chapter, and other Chapters, too.

Week 11 Thyristors
PNPN Structure, Breakdown Voltage, Switching Characteristics, ON-State Losses
Lecture Notes: Week 11

Week 12  May 1, 2012 Labor Day--No classes

Week 13  Midterm II  -- 8 Mayıs 2012 saat: 18:00 (sınav hakkında açıklama)

Week 14 IGBTs
IGBT Structure, Breakdown Voltage, Switching Characteristics, ON-State Losses
Lecture Notes: Week 13

Wee 15 Emerging Devices
Power JFETs, Field-Controlled Thyristor (FCT), MOS-Controlled Thyristors (MCT), Power ICs, New Semicondcutor Materials
Lecture Notes: Week 14

Week 15 Review

Final Exam:  1 Haziran 2011  saat: 18:00 (sınav hakkında açıklama)